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Automation for Plastic Industry
Deflashing Machine
Technical Description :
Bottle deflashing process is a labor consuming, bulk demanding and manual process for years. Modtech identified this process a demanding application which blow molding industry needs to automate.

Modtech has successfully designed and developed Automatic bottle deflashing machine to cater to ever demanding deflashing application in to blow molding industry.

The bottle deflashing machine is designed to cater to various sizes and shapes of the bottles. The machine is modular in design which allows user to choose from top and bottom bottle deflashing variants of the machine.

The machine can easily be integrated with Modtech Bottle Leak Hole Testing machine and Online Check Weigher system.

Salient Features :
  • Proven rotary cutter concept
  • Modular design supports 50 ml to 2000ml size bottles
  • Easy to change cutter in holder
  • Ready to integrate with leak tester and check weigher machines

HDP Jars Production line Automation
Technical Description:
The one stop solution to handle HDP production line. The system contains Pick & Place modules to aid primary production machine by picking the extrusion blow molded bottle from the machine and placing on the conveyor. The conveyors guide the bottles to the a sturdy and high speed De-flashing machine capable of removing flash of 10 ltrs and 15 ltrs HDP jars.

Salient Features:
  • High speed line operation up to 250 Bottles/hr
  • Heavy duty De-flashing machine for precise cutting of flash on 10-15 ltrs jars
  • Customized conveyor layout to suit to plant requirement
  • High temperature withstanding conveyor belt
Packaging System
Technical Description:
Tailor made to suit to your requirement. The system segregates, counts and packs the ancillary plumbing parts which include various sizes of straight coupling, el-bow, T-connectors, etc.

The machine precisely counts each variant of the parts and at most care has been taken to handle the parts gently.

Salient Features:
  • High speed line operation up to 150 parts/ min
  • Inbuilt high speed counter
  • Back to back conveyors segregate and align parts
Capping Machine
Technical Description:
Highly sophisticated & efficient Automatic capping system developed to assemble two plastic caps of edible oil container.

The machine automatically counts the assembled caps and collects in to a bin put on indexing table.

Salient Features:
  • High speed assembly operation up to 200 parts/ min
  • Inbuilt high speed counter
  • Optional automatic vibro feeder loader
Automatic Bottles Inspection Line
Modtech provides a seamless automation solution for post molding processes. The system is modularly designed and consists of four different process modules namely, Deflashing Module, Leak Hole testing Module, Check Weigher Module and Packaging Module.

The system can take various sizes and shapes of the bottle.

Salient Features:
  • High speed leak testing operation up to 50 bottles / min for 1000 ml bottle
  • Single and Multi leak testing head options
  • High speed and accurate dynamic weighing
  • Color touch screen human interface
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