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Wax Injectors
Range of Machines Global Market : C Frame Wax Injectors
Machine Daylight in mm Single Shot in CC
20 Ton C Frame 400/500/600 4000
35 Ton C Frame 600/700 4000/8000
50 Ton C Frame 600/700 8000/12000
75 Ton C Frame 700/800 12000/18000
100 Ton CFrame 800/1000 18000/32000/64000
20 T C F
20 T CF with twin Tank

35 T C F

35 T C F with shuttle table
50 T C F standard
75 T C F standard

Exciting Features :
  • Shipped as PLUG & PLAY machines, with the intension to start producing production wax patterns, within 48 hours of delivery of the machine.
  • Logical cost effective design.
  • Unique REMOTE access for fast problem solving via direct Internet Modtech factory support.
  • High degree of machine customization available including customer specific machine colours, die securing methods, platen sizes, supply voltages/frequencies and country specific parts.
Injection System :
  • New and improved sealing system handle virgin pattern wax, reclaimed wax and water soluble waxes.
  • Rapid wax melter with auto fill up vacuum loader as standard add-on.
  • Effective agitator design in sync with improved sensors for homogeneous temperature control in Wax reservoir and Wax path.
Clamping System :
  • World's largest selling standard design Wax machine with vast variety of clamp force.
  • Fastest in the segment, machines are designed to work with the shortest possible cycle times, enhancing productivity.
  • Extensive standard range of clamp forces available 20 tons to 100 tons for C Frames type design.
  • Generous maximum open daylights and open die working areas.
  • Efficiency booster add ons to suite customers specific needs and applications, Shuffle tables, Pattern Ejectors, Pattern Heating/Cooling etc.
Safety & Controls :
  • Full compliance with CE, UL, CCC, JIS, GOST Standards as required.
  • Control system upgrades available, to keep pace with latest developments in hardware and software, for entire life of the machine.
  • Built to universal logical design standards, with easy worldwide spare parts availability.
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