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Evolution @ Modtech
Modtech management has a philosophy to use latest technology, invest in rigorous R&D to keep products future proof; and for that we already had a very successful Evolution 2010 program till yester years.
Evol 2010 - The Product Life Cycle Management

The real change / modification process started of when Modtech Introduced Evol 2010, a revolutionary concept.

Evol 2010 Is a comprehensive, Innovative Product Life Cycle Management Program: SPeMP (Strategic Product Enhancement Management Program) which has Focused Teams and Modular Work

The entire Evol Concept has been divided in to modules as shown here under. Each module caters to Product Life Cycle process on its own.

  • Requirement Management
  • Idea & Innovation Management
  • Design Management
  • Program Execution Management
  • Manufacturing Planning and Validation Management
  • Quality System Management
  • Test, Review and Analysis Management

Modtech has been extremely successful in delivering world calss products based on this revolutionary program


After having tremendous success and benefits of Evolution 2010 exercise to our customers, management team at Modtech went further ahead and came out with next level of Evolution 2020 program.

We targeted on synergy between purchase, production and testing to minimize cost and improve quality further; and efficiently streamline to achieve lower delivery period and high level of quality and reliability.

Our infrastructure at Modtech which must be resilient and highly available. Earlier days, Modtech was facing a delivery issue due to long delivery time of imported components and smaller manufacturing space constrain.

Modtech expanded to almost ten times bigger working place and developed a very resilient and advanced manufacturing set up, with very high capacity, use of in-house manufacturing critical components under direct supervision of highly qualified technical team. This also further enhanced quality of all Modtech products.

We focused on communication which must be reliable. Modtech machines were under utilized by many customers. With implementing Evolution 2010 strategy we could enhance many features but in Evolution 2020 program we made them highly user friendly and more efficient. Today we have more detailed communication with our customers before we start manufacturing, we learn their exact needs, offering tailor made and more reliable wax injection presses, accessories and automation solutions.

With more exposure to Technology which must be secure and future proof, our design Team underwent rigorous training with our partners like KUKA and Parker. A mission critical design group provides controlling functions in order to protect users efficiency. We also developed a very unique Mpack solution which is today widely used by many customers. We developed Microsoft Window based easy to use control unit. There is now direct communication of operation and control units/terminals. We provide smart communication port on every machines enabling remote operation and error identification methods for immediate on the spot remote assistance. Functions to remember

  • die recipe for Temperature, Clamp Pressure, Injection Pressure, Open & Close Position of Clamp
  • Stage Wiz Injection
  • Automatic Data Back up
  • Injection & Pressure Flow Charts
  • Smart Self Diagnosis for Trouble Shooting
  • Login & Access Control

Our automation solution is end-to-end solution. It provides great co-ordination and hand-shaking devises for the entire Investment casting units. Many of our professional users have started opting mainly operator-less applications. This is why, a mission critical Robotic solution supports point-to-multipoint operations, like shall room automation solution and KAWAS - To avoid repeating the shortcomings of operator based, highly dependent operation through KAWAS.

Economical solution offering along with latest technology in today’s businesses is a burgeoning trend. Today's generation of many other industries use intelligent machines and devices. Investment casting units are now augmented, and will perhaps a large number of old technology based machines eventually be replaced, by a new armada of world-class Modtech products. Unfortunately, competitors here still have traditional designed machines and accessories which are yet not optimized for lower cost of production and cost of customer investment is growing.

Evolution 2020 strategy enables Modtech targeting the economical efficiency. Our products being redesigned in comparison with other parallel industries, leaving far behind legacy of very old concept based competition. At Modtech an intelligent applications development is vital. When Mpech and Window based devices are effectively integrated into your organization, organization's data analytics strategy will enhance productivity, efficiency, visibility and that is at lower capital cost.

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