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Fluidised Bed
This is one of the vital machines in the chain of operations in the shell room. Its aim is to provide a smooth bed of sand uniformly disbursed across the sand bin. Blower placed on the back of the machine continuously lifts sand from the bottom bin and make the sand like a fluid.
The process starts with the bin full of kainite sand and as soon as the blower is turned ON, air passes through sand. Butterfly valves are used to control and switching ON / OFF the drum Air lines.
There is a Common Dust collecting provided on the top of the all three fludised bed which collect the dust separate out from the sand. The Blower or Dust collecting system is provided at the end of hood, which sucks all dust particles, and thus provide clear atmosphere in the Bed.
Specifications :
  1. Blower: 10 H.P., 1,100 CFM, 30" Pressure.
  2. Fluidized Bed: Drum made from 2.5 mm Sheet metal
  3. Dust Collector Hood and Piping are mounted on the top.
  4. Control: l00 mm diameter Pipe connection and butterfly valves.
Standard Size :
  1. 600 x 600
  2. 750 X 750
  3. 900 X 900
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