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At Modtech, we always focus on process control while designing machines. To us process control is much more than just controlling process parameters. Process control is the ultimate key to derive quality output from the system.

Modtech Wax Injection Machine Control System is already regarded as a milestone in the world of press automation. The system has proved itself to be reliable, robust & precise. Modtech felt that it would be a great idea if the system were made available to everyone. The outcome is Modtech M∫ppëk system — 'Process Parameters Engineering Kontrol System'. The new M∫ppëk system provides generic automation solution, which can be used practically for any kind of process & machine control.

Modtech philosophy combines diverse engineering capabilities with a conscious user-centered design approach. The primary objective is to apply appropriate technology to create Modtech products useful at every level of a solution.

Engineering & design teams work in tandem with global designers and technology owners through the strategy-concept-development process. This approach works to our clients advantage in a number of ways. For instance, device centered design creates solutions customized to use information as feedback that delivers perfect control without 'trial and error' way of old working style.

Optimize Your Process With M∫ppëk System...

With M∫ppëk system we can devise customized software to suit your requirements. The flexibility of the hardware and software will allow you to add more & more parameters as and when needed. More the parameters of your process are controlled; more is your process efficiency.

No More Rejections Into Your Output...

Modtech M∫ppëk automation concept allows, in addition to classic control of the process parameters, simplified data acquisition system and single station visualization system. The system provides data logging and control solutions together, which ensures your parameters are in safe limits all the time.

Errors cannot be completely avoided, so it is important to correct them safely and quickly. It happens many tymes in the process plants that while studying the results of logger unit if the parameters are found playing out of limits, the production of respective batch has to be rejected / corrected. The M∫ppëk system immediately detects and takes corrective actions, avoiding loss in your production.

Adaptable & Modular for All Processes & Machines...

The system runs on a modular concept, which provides the flexibility and compatibility to use it practically into any kind of process. The system consists of a Control & Visualization Center (CvC) and Modular I/O Station (MIS). The CvC can be installed at a remote place giving flexibility of having access to the process from the isolated place. Depending on the requirements number of MiS can be scattered in to the control system. Being controlled on a appropriate protocol platform, distance between two consecutive MiS can be as long as required. The CvC of the control system is often taken in to LOCAL network and accessed from existing NETWORK computers.

The M∫ppëk system supports multiple types of parameters to be controlled, i.e. temperature, timers, pressure, flow, moisture, pH, etc. This makes it versatile for all types of process plants and process machineries

Enhance Workplace Health & Safety...

With M∫ppëk system you can improve the control system of existing process / machinery. New technology has made old equipments and system obsolete. Moreover, old control systems & panels are often found to be major pain as far as health & safety concerned. The M∫ppëk system can control your existing machinery with out conflicting with other engineering systems of your machine. Introducing the M∫ppëk system will get you more efficient and safer machine with improved life cycle.

  • Perform more complex process operations
  • Take out more production yield percentages
  • Ensures accurate control
  • Generates data record
  • Provides flexible layout of control system

Modtech’s New M∫ppëk Central Wax Shop Monitoring System is introduced for One Stop Wax Injection Shop Data Management.....

This System is a Control-Supervisory & Data Management Module of Modtech’s efforts to bring state-of-art technologies to investment casting wax shops. As such, this is a complete and integrated package that is positioned on high quality hardwares and interfaced with PLC, Servers & Printing Hardwares.

This System has various modules which are narrated in detail herewith includes Access to Database from remote locations, Customer LAN networks and Connectivity to various servers.

Coupled with Excel Formatting and various available Trending Formats, modules record data, store the values for analysis, generates Charts for easy and fast actions / decisions to prevent, predict and control all the process parameters of equipments coupled with this system.

Supporting Hierarchical User Security, this system is one of the best systems available in industry to support equipments of entire Wax Shop Floor irrespective of Brand, Age, Size and Type of Machines. This system can be coupled to cater any brand & any number of equipments in Wax Shop.

  • Simple & Powerful Utility
  • A System to Integrate Complete Wax Shop in One Place
  • Modular, Upgradable & Expandable
  • Improvisation of Process & Better Control over Wax Preparation & Injection

Central Project Management
Module for Quick Access to All Project Data and Central Settings
  • Access to Database: Local and Global
  • Access from any LAN Computer
  • Access from any remote Location

Alarm Management
Module for Alarms Handling Based on Limits and Status & Trigger of Visual & Sound Notifications
  • Constant Monitoring of Parameters for Deviations
  • Log of Alarms in Multiple Formats
  • Trigger of SMS, Email, Sirens, Prints, Emergency Devices

Database Management
Module for Collecting, Storing and Archiving Project / Plant / Machines Data & Parameters
  • Connectivity to SQL & HTTP Server
  • Automatic & Sequential Back Up in Hard Drives
  • Third party / User Specific Database Connectivity

Administration Management
Module for Central Administration of Analysis, Database, Alarms, Reports and Users of Entire System
  • Up to 200 Levels of User Defined Security for Access
  • Access Through Login & Passwords
  • Enhanced Security for Database & Analysis

Data Analysis Management
Module for Continual Analysis of Recorded Data in varied formats and output
  • Real Time and Historic Trending
  • Automatic Archive of Data Analysis
  • Bar Graph and Pie Charts Output Available

Data Log Management
Module for Data Collection, Record and Supervision of Project / Plant / Machines
  • System Messages & Sequence Message Log
  • Process Parameters & Efficiency Log
  • Event or User Specific Data Log

Report Generation Management
Module for Creating Various Formats of Collected Data
  • Microsoft Excel Format - CSV Format
  • Customer Specific Formats for Printing

A Simple, Yet, Flexible & Open Solution
  • Almost all commercial PLC can be connected here
  • Easily Expandable in future without disturbance
  • Easy, Fast & Modular Upgradation
  • Redundant System can be configured as Add On
  • User Specific Search Option

Global Presence Footprints Across Geographies

Modtech has supplied well over 1000 Investment casting equipments through length and breadth of India and abroad. Modtech entered overseas market in 1997, having customer based in more than 38 Countries. It has since supplied machines to U.K., Germany, France, Japan, Finland, Netherlands, Mexico, Russia, Slovakia, Singapore, Malaysia, Greece, South Africa, New Zealand, Belgium, Sultanate of Oman, Ireland, Iran USA , Italy, Poland, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Thailand. Modtech has a permanent sales & Service offices in India, UK, USA, Germany to provide Sales and After Sales Services in the Whole Europe.

Esteemed Clients

The Team

In 2008, a high level of visionary leaders and senior members firmed up a Core team. Soon after that core team kicked off new wave at Modtech. Entire organization, under the new leadership started meeting every week at the company new office headquarters and planned on investing few million rupees over the next three years.

Modtech was selling products to many international customers before but products needed to further enhance and more people were required having adequate skills. It needed to be governed by new mindset. Since then new Modtech has been taken to the next dimension and its team is creating a truly globally integrated company.

The Change

New Modtech – This was not a theoretical exercise. Modtech Core team had taken charge of the organization and started managing Modtech differently as it has to remain competitive and expand rapidly in high-growth global markets. So new team at Modtech reorganized the opportunities around them with similar high growth companies that Modtech would like to perform and work for clients and for its own business units where the new products and services could remain best in the industry Core team started tapping the right talent and went for huge recruitment of highly skilled manpower. Set up most modern R&D team and created world class manufacturing infrastructure. Design team started designing products for the right market segments at the right price. And not only the internal change made, but a large part of this exercise, was also managed by finding new suppliers and partners.

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