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At modtech we always focus on process control while designing the machines. To us process control is much more than just controlling the process parameters. Process control is the ultimate key to derive the quality output from the system.
Modtech Wax Injection Machine Control System is already regarded as a milestone in the world of press automation. The system has proved itself to be reliable, robust & precise. Modtech felt that it would be a great idea if the system were made available to everyone. The outcome is Modtech – Mppek system 'Process Parameters Engineering Kontrol System'. The new Mppek system provides generic automation solution, which can be used practically for any kind of process & machine control.
Modtech philosophy combines diverse engineering capabilities with a conscious user-centered design approach. The primary objective is to apply appropriate technology to create modtech products useful at every level of a solution.
Engineering & design teams work in tandem with global designers and technology owners through the strategy-concept-development process. This approach works to our client's advantage in a number of ways. For instance, device centered design creates solutions customized to use information as feedback that delivers perfect control w/o trial and error way of old working style.
Optimize your process with Mppek system
With Mppek system we can devise tailor software to suit your requirements. The flexibility of the hardware and software will allow you to add more & more parameters as and when needed. More the parameters of your process are controlled; more is your process efficiency.

No More Rejections Into Your Output
Modtech Mppek automation concept allows, in addition to classic control of the process parameters, simplified data acquisition system and single station visualization system. The system provides data logging and control solutions together, which ensures your parameters are in safe limits all the time.

Errors cannot be completely avoided, so it is important to correct them safely and quickly. It happens many types in the process plants that while studying the results of logger unit if the parameters are found playing out limits, the production lot of respective batch has to be rejected / corrected. The Mppek system immediately detects and takes corrective actions, avoiding loss in your production.

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