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RFS (Rainfall Sander)
The Modtech Rain Drop Sander has been engineered to provide a compact solution to the application of primary and back up stucco materials. The machine will have an internal working area of 600mm x 600mm x 1000mm high. And 1000 mm X 1000mm X 1500 High. Custom sizes are available on request.
The sander will be fitted with manual side opening doors as depicted in the drawing and photo.
The side doors will be able to be opened manually as and if required, and will be fitted with a hinge that allows them to be opened and locked in up to 3 positions. Each door will be fitted with a dedicated dust extraction port for connection to your own dust extraction system. This is in addition to the two extraction ports at the rear of the unit.
The top hopper features an overflow sensor, which controls the feeding function.
The bottom hopper will have a height of approximately 650mm, and this will be fitted with a vibrator unit to enable the stucco powders to fall down towards the conveyor pick up point.
The unit is supplied with a single mesh sieve unit fitted with a pneumatic vibrator. The custom sieve area are available on request..
The sander will be fitted with a manual and auto control system
In manual, the operator will depress a foot switch which will start the vibrator motors and conveyor going, when he releases the foot switch these will stop.
In auto, the operator will depress a start button which will start the machines process, and this will then only stop when the stop button is depressed.
Two dust extraction ports are fitted to the rear of the machine
The standard machine as quoted is designed to work with water based slurry materials.
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