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Modtech offers widest range of Wax Injectors covering almost entire range of applications from automotive, Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT), Aviation, Oil & Gas, Medical Implants, Defence and General Engineering. Modtech Injectors are available in various versions and efficiency booster add ons to suit different applications.

Injector range covers C Frame Semi Automatic, 4 Pillar Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic Wax Injection Machines. Machines are available with minimum clamp force of 6 Tons till 300 Tons with maximum single shot size of up to 100 Litres. All injectors have Side, Through Platen, Top or Bottom Injection as an option for nozzle. Various productivity options are also available as listed below:

  • Side Injection / Bottom Injection / Top Injection / Thru Platen Injection
  • Dual Injection with Side and Top / Side and Bottom / Side and Through Platen
  • Programmable Ejector
  • Slab Melters
  • Multiple Wax Reservoirs
  • Water Soluble Wax Injection Module
  • Platen Heating / Cooling Circuit
  • Quick Die Clamp Mechanisms – Hydraulic / Magnetic
  • Customer Specific Machine Colour
  • Pick and Place Robotic Units
  • Pattern Quality Check Mechanisms
  • Pattern Assembly Systems.
All Modtech Wax Injectors are available with CE mark as standard feature. Modtech also supplies to other standard compliances such as American Standard (UL), Chinese (CCC), Japanese (JIS), Russian (GOST) which is available at request. Modtech Wax Injectors are supported by a comprehensive instruction manual with user specific languages as option.
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