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Robotic Shell Dip Line Solution


Modtech - India, is a world leading investment casting solutions designer & manufacturer, exporting products and solutions across the globe, including demanding & diversified markets such as Germany and Japan.

As a company Modtech is having a team of 200+ Skilled Engineers, and all under one roof, we have, In House Design, Manufacturing, Software Development, Project Management and Service Departments. This enables us to be a complete solution provider, from Conceptualization to Product Delivery.

Our factory is based in Ahmedabad, India, We adopt a European way of working, and over the past 20 years, have sold many thousands of machines, to countries such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Oman, South Africa, Russia, Canada, China, Mexico, USA , Italy, Poland, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and of course India, plus many other countries, many of them with 50 plus Modtech products in daily use.
First of it’s M∫ppëk Shell Management System
  • Windows Based Software
  • Online Storage and Tracking of Shell Part Numbers
  • Complete Overview of System In Both a Remote Location and On a Network
  • Unlimited Shelling Recipes
  • Intuitive Shell Planning System
  • Unlimited Logs of Production
  • Easy Hand Shake With Existing ERP System
  • Multi Level User Access System
  • Remote Robot Program Selection and Planning

Climate Control System

  • Dynamic Monitoring of Temperatures and Humidity
  • Precise PID Control
  • Efficient Air Circulation
  • Climate Control Cabinets Available

Slurry Mixer

  • Fully Variable Speed Control
  • Ultra Low Height
  • Adaptable and Flexible Agitator Mechanism.
  • Unique Air Driven Paddle System to Avoid Paddle
    JAM in Case of Power Failure
  • Sizes Up to 3000 mm Diameter.

Rotary Rain Sander

  • Fully Variable Speed Control Through Local Buttons and M∫ppëk
  • Special Dust Extraction Hoods for Effective Extraction
  • Auto Stucco Load Mechanism
  • Sizes up to 3000 mm Diameter
  • Reverse Pulse Jet Type Extraction With Large Filtration Area.


  • Highest Weight carrying capacity in Industry with up to 500 KG payload per hanger
  • Fully Variable Speed Control via M∫ppëk
  • Software Bar Code / RFID based hanger identification
  • Hardened precision roller chain with sealed bearings for long life

KUKA Robot

  • Latest Quantec series Robots from Robotics
  • Special Foundry atmosphere compliance IP67
  • All digital Servo axis with provision of adding axis without any hardware change, Infinite Rotation of 6th axis.
  • Absolute Encoders with Brushless Servo motors
  • Windows based Control Pendent with Hot Plugging feature, High end specs computer for Robotic Control
  • All digital servo system with latest EtherCAT high speed communication protocol
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