Shell CoatingEquipments

  • Rainfall Sander (Up to 1000mm (40 Inch) X 1000mm (40 Inch)
  • Slurry Mixer (Up to 1500mm (60 Inch) Dia & 1000mm (40 Inch) Deep)
  • High Shear Mixer
  • Fluidized bed (Up to 1000mm (40 Inch) Dia & 1000mm (40 Inch) Deep)
  • Blower

Global Presence Footprints Across Geographies

Modtech has supplied well over 1000 Investment casting equipments through length and breadth of India and abroad. Modtech entered overseas market in 1997, having customer based in more than 38 Countries. It has since supplied machines to U.K., Germany, France, Japan, Finland, Netherlands, Mexico, Russia, Slovakia, Singapore, Malaysia, Greece, South Africa, New Zealand, Belgium, Sultanate of Oman, Ireland, Iran USA , Italy, Poland, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Thailand. Modtech has a permanent sales & Service offices in India, UK, USA, Germany to provide Sales and After Sales Services in the Whole Europe.