4-Pillar Wax Injector

4-Pillar Wax Injector

Modtech 4 Pillar-type machines are well adopted by the industry as they are shipped as plug-and-play, also easy to maintain. Modtech has made history by making the biggest size of the machine in the segment which was 300T of Clamping force capacity with 100 Litter single injection shot for IGT industry.

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Exiting Features

  • Shipped as Plug and Play machines
  • Start producing waxes within 48 hours of delivery
  • Simple and cost-effective design
  • Remote access for rapid problem solving
  • Customised to suit specific industry requirements
  • Choice of machine colour
  • Die securing methods
  • Various platen sizes
  • Local supply voltages and frequencies
  • Country specific parts

Injection System

  • New and improved sealing system designed to handle virgin, riser, reclaimed & water-soluble wax
  • Rapid wax melter with auto fill up vacuum loader as standard
  • Effective Agitator design in sync with improved sensors for homogeneous temperature control in wax reservoir and wax part
  • Reduced heating zones for better temperature control

Clamping System

  • Compact design, minimal floor space
  • Shortest possible cycle time, maximised productivity
  • Extensive standard range of clamp forces available 6 tons-50 tons
  • Maximum open daylights and open die working areas

Safety & Controls

  • CE/UKCA/UL standards compliant as well as other global standards
  • Control systems upgrade available throughout the entire machine life
  • Worldwide availability of spare parts
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