C-Frame Wax Injector

Automode Wax Injector

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Exiting Features

  • Shipped as Plug and Play machines
  • Start producing waxes within 48 hours of delivery
  • Simple and cost-effective design
  • Remote access for rapid problem solving
  • Customised to suit specific industry requirements
  • Choice of machine colour
  • Die securing methods
  • Various platen sizes
  • Local supply voltages and frequencies
  • Country specific parts

Injection System

  • New and improved sealing system to handle pattern virgin wax, riser wax, reclaimed wax & water soluble wax
  • Rapid wax melter with auto fill-up vacuum loader as standard add-on
  • Effective Agitator design in sync with improved sensors for homogeneous temperature control in wax reservoir and wax part

Clamping System

  • Compact design, minimal floor space
  • Shortest possible cycle time, maximised productivity
  • Extensive standard range of clamp forces available 6 tons-50 tons
  • Maximum open daylights and open die working areas
  • Efficiency booster add-ons to suit specific customer requirements

Safety & Controls

  • CE/UKCA/UL standards compliant as well as other global standards
  • Control systems upgrade available throughout the entire machine life
  • Worldwide easily available of spare parts
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