Automated Shelling Solution

Automated Shelling Solution

Modtech provides a one-stop solution for Shell coating. Modtech automated shelling lines are fully customized to meet customer needs in terms of production output, production area and budget-friendly tailor-maid solutions. Our software Mʃppëk makes this system more efficient as it has all the control in one place.

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Automated Shelling Solution

As a company, Modtech employs a team of 200+ s killed engineers all under one roof with in-house design, manufacturing, software development, project management and service departments enabling Modtech to be a complete solution provider, from conceptualisation to product delivery.

Our factory is based in Ahmedabad, India. We adopt a European way of working, and over the past 20 `years, have sold thousands of machines to countries like United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Oman, South Africa, Russia, Canada, China, Mexico, and of course India, plus many other countries, many of them with 50 plus Modtech products in daily use.

Modular and bespoke cost-effective solutions

Optimised specifications utilising the best of equipment, technology and space

Proven solution from our partner KUKA Systems, a world leader in industrial robotic solutions

Slient Features

  • Windows based software
  • Online storage and tracking of shell part numbers
  • Complete overview of system either on-site or remotely
  • Location and on a network
  • Unlimited shelling recipes
  • Intuitive shell planning system
  • Unlimited number of production logs
  • Easy integration with existing ERP system
  • Multi-level user access
  • Remote robot program selection and planning
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