Modtech KAWAS systems is a real piece of engineering product which has given significant benefits to the user by providing faster and more precise wax assembly. It is a completely customised system with a quick change of gripper to handle multiple products at no time equipped with the KUKA KR10 series of robots. It also has a fully automatic tray management system.

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Kawas - Kale Automated Wax Assembly System

  • Fully automated intelligence system with advanced inspection and assembly controls
  • Unique integrated system comprising...
    • High-end Modtech wax injector with efficiency booster add-ons
    • Pattern ejection
    • Slab melter/pallet loading system
    • Platen and die temperature control system with chillers
    • Core extraction and protection system for up to 4 independent cores
    • High-end OCS control system with Microsoft Windows and 10.4" touch screen
    • T-slot platens
    • Paste injection reservoir with rotational purge nozzle for ultra-fast production rates
    • Special control system modules for "Turbo Charger" & "IGT" injections
  • 6 Axis robots from KUKA Germany - A world leader in industrial robots. K R AGILUS - Unparalleled functionality and reliability These robots are fast, precise and unique design with very high speeds, shortest cycle times and unique safe robot functionality which radically simplifies efficient cooperation between robots and humans
  • Automated and articulated spraying system with provision of programmable die lubrication and air blast
  • Gate cutting, trimming and de-flashing
  • Automated tool changers for rapid change over
  • Fully programmable robotic operation allowing individual pattern gluing, entire row gluing and entire grid gluing to allow flexibility for variety of patterns
  • Temperature controlled "Hot Knife" with changeable tips for local risers and pattern face melting
  • State-of-the-art "First in Segment" pattern inspection system for complete quality check on injection parameters, flow-lines, sink, short fill, air entrapment and discolouration

Come and discuss with the team at Modtech to discover more exciting features, and configurations for your demanding wax room applications

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