IGT Wax Injector

IGT Wax Injector

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Exiting Features

  • Easy access to load & operate larger IGT tooling
  • Shuttle table positioned at an ergonomic working height
  • Ample distance between platen tie rods
  • Generous open daylight to accept cantilever type tooling
  • Sophisticated Die Handling System: Shuttle table with T slots as per IS standards
  • Multiple wax types capability
  • Multiple nozzles capability
  • Advanced wax re-circulation system from the nozzle tip and back to the wax tank
  • Simple push button wax purge for wax consistency checkingsh-button wax purge for wax consistency checking
  • Ultra high wax injection flow rate of up to 1000cc of conditioned wax per second
  • Multiple clamping cylinder option for uniform die closing force
  • Precise 5 stage wax injection system for wax pressure and flow
  • Historical wax injection pressure and flow graphical mapping
  • Single pointerg onomicmulti positional central control station
  • Wide range of fully automatic functions & features
  • Precise multiple zone PID wax temperature control
  • Compact machine size designed for logical sectional installation
  • Modular digital servo hydraulics
  • Modular hydraulic power pack
  • Light guard system in operator working area
  • CE marked guards and electrical
  • Clear observation panels in hazard areas with interlocking safety switches
  • Operator definable pattern ejector
  • Large wax injection shot size of up to 32 liters in a single injection
  • Large Wax conditioning tank sizes of up to 200 liters capacity per wax tank

Clamping Unit

  • New improved shuttle table design
  • Larger clamping platens 2000mm x 2000mm
  • Adjustable platen velocity

Control Unit

  • Moveable control console with large HMI touch screen
  • Remote machine access capability
  • Operator accessible die recipe system
  • Highly precise wax pressure & flow control system
  • Highly precise control over clamping force and speeds
  • Visual wax level indication
  • Auto fault recognition system
  • CE marked

Advanced Control System

  • Large touch screen with icon based operating system
  • Modtech M-ppek enabled (for supply with the machine or fitment at a later date if required)
  • LAN enabled with inbuilt modem for remote access by Modtech technicians
  • Advanced adaptable die recipe system
  • Multi password access for machine operator-machine setter-maintenance personnel
  • Automatic control diagnostic system for machine operation and electrical/ hydraulic systems
  • Visual Wax Tank Level Indication on the Machine Touch Screen
  • Instant machine error alarm functions
  • Visual touch screen indication of machine PLC input-output status
  • Visual interactive touch screen layout of wax injection path throughout the entire machine
  • Visual touch screen indication of wax temperatures
  • Touch screen facility for the operator to define machine auto cycle settings
  • Touch screen accessible machine cycle records
  • USB die recipe back up

Selectable Machine Operator

  • 3 axis nozzle positioning
  • Platen cooling
  • Paste wax injection capability
  • PADS (Platen Anti Deflection System)
  • PLCS (Platen Laser Centering System)
  • ALS (Auto Lubrication System)
  • Multiple nozzle configurations
  • Multiple wax tanks
  • Multiple clamp cylinders
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