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Technical Specification

  • Abrasive blade - 600 - 750mm
  • Cutting disk speed - variable speed from 1,800 - 3,200 optional main motor drive unit - 50 hp
  • Working envelope — 600mm X 600mm X 600mm
  • Maximum weight of part on the table — 200 kg
  • Full HMI control over speed of blade and cutting pressure
  • Servo Driven cutting head with "X-axis up-down" and "Y-axis left-right" movement
  • Manipulator unit for holding work piece with "Z axis in-out movement, tilt from -5 degrees to +95 degrees from the vertical, X axis and full 360 degree rotation of the manipulator head"
  • Axis and full 360 degrees rotation of the manipulator's head
  • Manipulator positional accuracy +/ 1mm
  • X, Y & Z Axis Movement Speed 0.1 - 150mm/sec
  • Hydraulic clamping power is incorporated within the manipulator - clamp heads are part specific
  • Completely enclosed acoustic safety cell, fully interlocked through HMI interactive touch screen PLC control of movement
  • Machine operation - semi or fully automatic or manual integrated provision for spark arrestment and collection of dust and fume
  • Table dimension 920 X 700mm
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