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Modtech World

Service & Support

The Modtech 24-7 service centre has developed various modules to achieve total customer satisfaction and support

Support Module – Online and on-site support

  • Precisely tailored to each customer

  • This includes our direct telephone / remote internet support, managed by highly trained and competent “Modtech Approved” service technicians who are quickly available online and on-site as and when required

  • The Modtech team also assist with long-term routine and preventive maintenance planning, which assists customer plant engineers and the existing maintenance team

    Spares Module

  • The Modtech 24-7 service centre manages the worldwide supply of spare parts that guarantees the components you require reach you in the shortest possible time

  • Extensive inventory of fast-moving spares

  • Special arrangements with DHL / TNT / FedEx for prompt timely deliveries

  • Special arrangements with DHL / TNT / FedEx for prompt timely deliveries

    Stand-Alone On-call Service Module

  • Offering a fast and reliable machine service, emergency breakdown and warranty support, all at a reasonable cost, reducing machine downtime and saving money. Our service and support team are fully equipped with all the required parts and tools, to get your machines up and running in a single visit

    Annual Maintenance Contract Module (AMC)

  • Specially tailored to suit every customer, our annual service contracts can provide a preventive maintenance plan for every Modtech machine, giving our customers enormous benefits in terms of long-term and smooth & trouble-free operation, by reducing stoppages and machine breakdowns.

  • At an annual, or bi-annually agreed service interval our highly trained Modtech engineer (or engineers as applicable) will visit our customer with the specific tasks of evaluating, checking all parameters, checking all parts and operations and then carrying out a complete machine service.

  • Our engineer (or engineers as applicable) will also be on hand to answer machine-specific questions and advise our customers on how to get the most efficient productivity from their advanced Modtech equipment.

    Machine Upgradation Module

  • Where a Modtech machine has been in use for over 5 years, there are certain instances where some parts used originally have become obsolete and been superseded by newer versions. This can become an issue when buying spare parts for the life of the machine which is 30 years +

  • This module, by designing a tailored upgrade specific to a customer’s machine will replace parts, assemblies and control system as required. Bringing a machine up to date in terms of electronics, controls and hydraulics.

    Safety Standards Upgradation Module

  • Operator and machine safety rules often change and our factory based worldwide regulations team monitor this on a daily basis. This module offers machine upgradation which enables a customer to keep up to date with current machine specific health and safety regulations.

    Machine Refurbishment Module

  • Covering third party machines as well as older Modtech machines, this module can be a cost-effective alternative to investing in a new machine. This module can go from a simple control updates through to a complete machine overhaul including a total rebuild upgrade and refurbishment to “A New” standards.