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Experts are highly efficient. They not only know what they do but also know how to do it. This accelerates their tasks and enables them to complete numerous tasks correctly on the first try. This is the essence of how Modtech operates.

Customers are willing to pay for knowledge, superior service and products that enhance their lives. This is the philosophy that guides Modtech in product development and providing services. Our in-house team develops all Modtech products focusing on innovative features that our competitors often overlook.

Our highly specialized team remains engaged year-round, but their sustained commitment is a result of the opportunities provided by the work environment at Modtech. This is a key factor in why employees choose to stay at Modtech for many years. Modtech employees are keen to be expert consultants, offering perfect solutions to achieve user goals. Their wealth of personal knowledge and expertise is reflected in the attention to detail they provide. At Modtech extensive experience fosters professionalism.

Modtech Employees, whether in sales, service, manufacturing or R&D, maintain a network of contacts for developing customized solutions. Feel free to reach out to the team @ Modtech for their expert opinions and analytical solutions with a focus on the core aspects of Investment casting processes and equipment

Together we offer better decision-making, quality and cost-effective solutions. Our products incorporate the latest technological trends and prioritize cost reduction while ensuring reliability. Modtech solutions and products provide low maintenance costs. With experts in every department, Modtech stands out. Customers are willing to pay the premium due to our knowledge base and design, also highly efficient after-sales service making customer lives easier and better.

This is why Modtech products enjoy a higher global acceptance level than other companies in the same field.

We hire the best talent to get a competitive advantage, by hiring the most talented team be it in Sales or in R&D to deliver a sizable competitive advantage. This is the work philosophy of Modtech “First Time Right” - keeps in miles & miles ahead of the competition.